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4 Reasons why you must read Inspirational Life Quotes of the Day
We all know that Inspirational quotes are best motivational tool out there. We even know that reading them regularly can help us cope with difficult and stressed situations easily. But life is busy today and nobody has time to go online and read the same stuff over and over again.
7 Cute Life Quotes to make you smile and laugh
One of the most effective and simple way to tide through tough time is to smile and laugh out loud. It’s been proved by several researches. There is nothing like a good laugh to tackle tough time.
Achieve Positive Thinking Power with Positive Life Quotes
Our life is in control of our thoughts. We are what we think continuously. So if we can change our thoughts, we can change our whole life. If we can acquire positive thinking power, we can get everything we want to have. No matter at what stage of life we are in, if we can acquire positive thinking we can get success now.
Discover your true Potential with Motivational Life Quotes
Have you ever though what your life would be like once you have discovered your true potential? You will be able to achieve extraordinary things which you probably have never thought you would be able to achieve, fulfill all your dreams, get on the top ladder of success and most importantly step out of your comfort zone.
Enhance your Social Medial Profile with Life Quotes
In social networking website, your profile represents the kinds of person you are in your real life. Those who visit our profile assess your personality based on your profile. So it is important to have good and well elaborated social networking profile to get the first impression right.
Famous Topics for Tattoo Quotes
There are millions of quotes available that can be used as tattoo. Most of these quotes fall into following categories.
Five Famous Funny Quotes of Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein – This Name doesn’t need any introduction. Everyone knows about him, his achievement and his inventions. He was master minded genius and by far most intellectual person. He was one of the most well-known scientists of the century.
Four Reasons as to why Stainless Steel Bench is so popular
Over the recent past few years, there has been a significant growth in the numbers of consumers opting for stainless steel bench. Why they are getting so popular? What is it about them makes them # 1 furniture choice? Here are five reasons behind their vast popularity.
Four Tips to choose Right MBA Program
With so many MBA Colleges in India and accordingly so many of MBA programs to choose from, it could be quite difficult for students to decide which one to opt for. Students often get frustrated and confused in the process of choosing right MBA Program and Business College. Here are some tip to help you in choosing MBA Program which is perfect for you.
Funny Life Quotes – Share Wit and Humor with your Mates
There are plenty of things happen to us on daily basis that makes our mood go down. Sometime our friends say something to us that we don’t like. Sometimes work related problems makes us feel sad. And then those relationship problems which are so overwhelming that we feel there is no way to get out of it.
How MBA Helps in Increasing your Income
What is MBA? A MBA is a post graduate degree in business management issued by many accredited universities throughout all over the world. It equips students with necessary business and analytical skills as well as personal qualities that help students get their desirable job in high level managerial positions.
Humorous Inspirational Quotes on Life –Funny yet inspirational
Humor is most powerful thing that uses laughter as it base to chase your blues away. It has been proved time to time that humor and laughter is best medicine. It is one of the best tools to uplift your emotional state and refresh your mind.
Impress the girl of your dream with Funny Life Quotes
If you have found the girl of your dream, you probably want to know how to impress her. You might already have tried all the weird ways that turned her off instead of impressing her. You might have read lots of books on how to impress girl but, unfortunately, nothing works.
Improve Your Grade using Famous Quotes in Your Assignment
Do you want to impress your instructor as well as want to improve your grades? If you answers is yes, then I can tell you a great way to do so. You can elaborate your next assignment by throwing in some famous quotes of famous peoples. Not only it will make a great impact on your reader but also make your assignment or essay more interesting and convincing.
Improve Your Performance in Every Aspect of Life with Inspirational Quotes on Life
Performance is the key to success. Is it right? No it’s not right at all. Performance is not the key to success. Good performance is the key to success. If you performance is good, you will win in every aspect of life. If your performance is not good, you won’t win. Good performance is the key to success.
Inspirational Life Quotes – Can simple words really work?
Nearly three years ago, when I was working in a mid-sized, manufacturing company in Delhi, sitting on my desk after having finished my work I was wondering what’s my future in here and where will I be in the next few years? These thoughts are lingering over my mind and I was at sixes and sevens as I left from office at about 6 in the evening.
Make All your Dreams Come Alive With Inspirational Life Quotes
Dreams are what drive us forward in Life. They give us something to work towards. They are foundation of our success. They are crucial to achieve your goals. They are necessary to get whatever you want from life. Whether you want to have that big Rolls Royce car, that big house, your dream job or want to have healthy relationships with your family and friends, without dream you can’t get anything.
Motivate your Employees effectively using Motivational Quotes about Life
One of the most difficult but probably the most important task that managers have to perform is to motivate their employees. As the success of an Organization mainly depends on his employees, it is extremely important for an organization to give regular boost of motivation to employees.
Motivational Life Quotes – Your On-Demand Source of Powerful Inspiration
It is important to have an On-Demand Source of Inspiration which you can use every time you need it. Whenever you are feeling sad or gloomy and things seems to be getting worse and you need something to get you into go mode despite of all the problems, you can switch on to your On-Demand Source of Inspiration.
Nuruture Your Child Mind with Positive and Motivational Thoghts Using Funny Inspirational Quotes
Do you pep-talk your children with boring advices? If so, then you probably have noticed that it doesn’t work at all. Either your child gets sleep or he/she runs away. If you really want to nurture his mind with good thoughts, you need to be sprightly and smart. You need something that can entertain your child as well as offers inspiration.
Pune as an Education Destination
One of the best cities to live in, in terms of facilities as well as educational opportunities, is Pune. It is, after Mumbai, second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. It is full of rich natural resources, scenic beauty and beautiful environment which make it on the top of the tourist spots in India.
Short Funny Quotes About Life – Eternal gems of wit and humor
Today life is busy and everyone is as busy as ever. No body has much time for fun and humor. So we need something which can make us laugh out loud in short period of time. And what could best option than short funny life quotes. They are very short and take only few seconds to read them.
Special Quotes Can help you Stay Connected with those miles away from you
Some of our relatives live with us or nearby to us. On the other side, some of our relatives live far away from us. It was easy to maintain healthy relationship with those who lives nearby to us but what about those friends and relatives who live far away from us. What can we do to sustain our long-distance-relationships? How can we express our love to those we rarely see?
Stay Motivated for Weight Loss using Motivational Quotes
Staying motivated is crucial if you really want to get success in your weight loss endeavor. However, those who need to loss the weight often find it difficult to stay motivated. As a result, they give up on the half of the way.
Tackle Challenges and obstacles with Smile using Funny Quotes about Life
What is your immediate reaction when problems surround you, obstacles comes along your way to success and challenges seem overwhelming. How do you handle yourself in such a difficult situations. Do you just sit and wait that somehow problems get eliminated itself or do you take action and tackle challenges of life with smile?
Take Control of Your Emotions Using Motivational Life Quotes
It is crucial to control your emotions in order to live happy and fulfilling life. But many people find it difficult to control their emotions. In fact, they get controlled by their emotions instead of getting control over them. As a result, they are struggling to live happy and fulfilling life.
These Motivational Life Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi Can Change your Life
Mahatma Gandhi – This name doesn’t need any introduction. He is known as the father of the nation. He is history’s most inspirational person ever. It was because of his hard work and dedication that we are able to get freedom from imperial British rule. He was the man of principles, humbleness and truth. Simple Living, High Thinking was motto of his life.
Three Famous Motivational Life Quotes to keep you going
Winston Churchill once said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.” It’s a fact that life can tough sometimes. Continual work pressure, Relationship demands, Money problems, Constant pressure to get success, Relationship demands, Society, Competition and lots of other ups and downs of life all make for a sturdy challenge.
Three reasons why Life quotes are so enlightening
Life quotes are truly enlightening. I read them several times a day. There is something magical about them. Instantly, after reading I feel very relaxed and happy. Here are three reasons why life quotes are so enlightening.
Using Famous Life Quotes to Spice Up Your Conversational Skills
There are some people in the world who are so talkative. They always have lot of things to say when meeting with new peoples and in group discussion. On the other side, there are some other people as well who run out of words while meeting peoples and struggle to say something interesting to impress everyone. They find themselves unable to fill the awkward silence. If you find yourself get stuck in such situations, you may be able to fill those awkward silences by learning some famous Life Quote

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A Lodge Dog Christmas
Caution: This story may be considered violently silly and overtly fluffy! What happens when unsuspecting children from Wyoming donated dozens of stuffed toys to some of the more cantankerous dogs at Utah’s Best Friends Animal Society? You might be surprised!
A Pit-E-Full Scenario
Pit Bulls! The very name stirs controversy. So what is so funny?
A Tale of Puppies and Waffles
Puppies! The very word warms most hearts. Waffles! The very word warms most tummies. But what if their rolls were altered? What if we treated the highly-prized waffles with the same level of care as we do puppies? Imagine if you will waffle farms.
Chiang Mai, Thailand’s Temple of the Dogs
It was 5 p.m. and I was stalking an angel on temple grounds. As the rain started, I wondered if she would show herself at all. Chiang Mai’s Wat Chedi Luang is a glimmering example of what can be done to help Thailand’s stray dogs – one temple at time.
Denver Passes Ban on Scottish Terriers
George Bush’s dog, Barney, the Scotish terrier may be in the Dog House for biting a reporter, but dogs in Colorado are paying the real price. Move over Pit Bulls, Denver is now after Old Lady Dogs!
Diva Unleashed: Meet the K9 Bell of the Ball
How does one fashion conscious pit bull mix stand out from all the others looking for adoptive homes? Humor writer Nola Lee Kelsey interviews Theresa the dog in this in-depth profile of a designer diva.
Dog Training and Another Inconvenient Truth
Another hat is tossed into the fire ring as the debate between ‘real’ dog trainers and charismatic celebrities smolders. Hold on to your leashes. In this excerpt from the book Dogs: Funny Side Up! no stone is left unburned!
Eight Voluntourism Projects with Silly Species: A Traveler’s Guide to Volunteering
Laughter has been proven to improve health. Volunteering improves hearts. Beyond the awe-stuck factor, beyond the creatures of fame and popularity, there are ‘lesser’ creatures, animals needing your help just as much as the ‘glam’ species – animals that, well, despite their best intentions make people giggle. So before you wash up on yet another beach with no real direction, consider these lovably creatures and worthy projects that could use your voluntary hands.
Household Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners
Got Dogs? Find your sanity. This humorous, fun and handy list of household cleaning tips will help dog owners recoup their mental health by proving that laughter is the best medicine. Got puppies? You better read it twice.
Limestone Mining within Communities of South Dakota’s Black Hills
A 135 year old mining claim is being touted as an indisputable right to limestone surface mine in neighborhoods near Rapid City. Government appears either too powerless or too apathetic to protect the health of the community and the National Forest. Satirist Nola Lee Kelsey asks: Will Mount Rushmore be ground up next? Can I claim Lincoln’s chin for my driveway landscaping?
Rules Dogs Live By
Got Dogs? Then you better know the rules. This humorous reminder of the rules dog’s live by will help pet owners attempt to grasp at their mental health using laughter as the best (and only legally available) pet owner medicine.
Saving Animals with a Scientific Study that Boosts Male Potency
At a press conference Thursday morning Scientists at the US Government’s Sterility Treatment and Impotency Facility (STIF) in South Dakota announced their findings. “We caution the public not to panic,” advised study Director, Abat Freakentime.
So You Want to Start an Animal Sanctuary
Have you ever dreamed of starting your own animal rescue or sanctuary? Do you want to learn more about how to get started? There are many considerations involved in making this life-changing commitment. Why not learn them with a twinge of satire and laughter?
South Dakota: Dog Breed Ban Pierces the Heart of the Heartland
Heartland dog owners beware! A ban on five types of dogs has become law in a small South Dakota community, starting the state down a dangerous path of easy outs over responsible pet ownership.
The Fish Whisperer
Got Dogs? Get Fish! Like the author, you are floundering behind the times. So turn in your poop scoop for a gravel siphon and prepare to trade-up those cuddly morning hugs for warm and fuzzy coral cuts. The times they are a changin’.
The Founding of a Thailand Dog Rescue: An Interview with Amandine Lecesne, of Care for Dogs
I wanted to get a peek inside the mind of one of one of those extraordinary folks who boldly go where even the most foolhardy rescuers have never gone before – establishing a rescue from the ground up. What makes these most intrepid of rescuers tick? Is it a passion for red-tape and astronomical odds, or is there more to it?
Why I Want Gastric Bypass Surgery: Random Thoughts from a Tired Mind
Do you know the mindset behind people wanting weight loss surgery? Is it laziness? Are they superficial? Could they be seeking an easy out? Or, is there more going on than you realize? Decide for yourself, but make an educated decision.

The United Kingdom Fashion Cufflink Maker Simon Carter

If you may be a fan of guys trend add-ons, specially cufflinks, you must know Simon Carter. Before designer Simon Carter made an appearance on the UK trend field; cufflink designs were known as monotonous. Nevertheless Simon Carter’s very unique approach has changed the way in which cufflinks are created and donned eternally. Tweaked with tongue in cheek humor, Simon Carter provides males cufflinks we love to use. All in all, the future is appearing very bright for Simon Carter without a doubt!

The Simon Carter story until now? Simon Carter started retailing pewter brooches along with other jewellery for males in 1985 but really identified his specialty while he soon started creating men’s cufflinks in the late 1980s. Simon Carter launched fascinating, colorful and distinctive cufflink styles and completely changed the men’s accessories market, which had long been at standstill. Simon Carter cufflinks were a huge accomplishment and the designer label started to expand.

By the end of the 1990’s Simon Carter remains to hold his position as UK’s the leading designer of shirt cufflinks. He became renowned for his uniqueness and variation of cufflink designs, many of which include humor and paradox.

Simon Carter cornered the cufflink niche through renowned designs for example the “Aspirin” cufflink (which held pills inside the actual cufflink) and the “Crystal Dollar” cufflink (a bling declaration for virtually every banking specialist). Commonly known as the `King Of Cufflinks’, Simon Carter cufflink designs continue to contribute the current market.

Ties, leather goods and then, an elegant and recreational range of men’s attire followed; all constantly sticking to the main principles of the Simon Carter brand values of the Simon Carter brand, striking a chord with urban experts seeking to inject a contemporary lightness of feel in their own individual unique fashion.

Simon Carter’s suits are getting to be incredibly well-liked by the British and American celebrity exclusive. Truly Simon Carter’s vast group of good quality suits has become highly regarded with buyers and superstars as well, including Will Smith & Jonathan Ross.

In October 2007, Simon Carter launched a flagship retail store in London’s famous Covent Garden where the full-range of Simon Carter men’s clothing and add-ons can be found in one place.

When 2008 advances, global growth is a major emphasis for Simon Carter having launched a North American store (headquartered in Toronto) in 2007. Explore further stores worldwide, specially in Japan, a key industry for Simon Carter with introductions scheduled in Osaka and Tokyo. Additionally he continues to push global accessibility to his products which are already found in more than 30 countries globally with stockists such as Selfridges (UK), Brown Thomas (Ireland), Bloomingdales (USA), and David Jones (Australia).

The Art Of The T-shirt

T-shirts are the standard for men’s fashion. Everyone wears t-shirts, sure, but most people don’t make the most out of what a t-shirt can do for them.
Since we live in a world that is saturated with t-shirts, the bar of what is esteemed as attractive has been raised considerably. This means that buying a 6-pack of tees from the dollar store probably won’t cut it if you’re trying to attract a healthy amount of attention.

Tell a Joke without Being a Clown
T-shirts have become a canvas for self-expression. One of the wiser uses of tees is to share a bit of pleasant humor. If might seem like a small detail, but when you wear a tee that has a good joke, you’ll start to get reactions. Humor is a great way to break the ice and makes you more approachable. When you wear a t-shirt that matches your kind of humor, you don’t even have to be funny! All you have to do is be there and let the shirt do the hard work.

If your choice of t-shirt has been well made, you’ll soon find yourself socializing with someone who looks outside of themselves and is willing to make connections. If you’d like a shirt that is sure to be a conversation starter, you should see some of the crazy shirts found in San Francisco!

Wear the Best Threads
People can recognize quality, even in a t-shirt. In the game of dressing simply, it’s important that everything you wear looks and feels good. Not all t-shirts are made the same. At some point we have all worn clothing that is not comfortable. Uncomfortable clothing is a small annoyance, but wearing a shirt that cuts into your armpits or rubs your skin raw for several hours can cause distress.

When people wear 100% cotton American-made garments, there is a noticeable improvement in the comfort and wearability. A shirt that feels good on your skin can help you feel more comfortable. Many people say that confidence is attractive, but people need to feel comfortable before that can consider themselves confident. If your favorite tees from junior high have started to cramp your style, it might be time to get some new ones.

Purchasing American products directly supports a hard-working, small business owner in your country. If you’re a person that likes to do their part to help, you should consider purchasing American products whenever possible.

Make Your Own Style
There’s no better way to share your creative side than with a custom t-shirt of your own design. T-shirt printing companies can turn your dream tee into a real tee. Some people think that wearing the logos of brands can be impersonal and derivative. If you’d like to take your style to the next degree, there’s no better way than designing clothes of your own.

Customized t-shirts are also a great option for companies, bands, and teams. T-shirt sales can be a great way to raise funds for almost any cause. A great t-shirt printing company can make quality shirts quickly and deliver a product that is sure to sell fast. If you have any difficulty making a good design for your shirt, it’s never a bad idea to consult with someone who works with t-shirt designs on a daily basis.

As they say, “Clothes make the man (and woman).” And even t-shirts can say a lot about you. If you’re looking for some unique inspiration in your apparel, check out the creative and sometimes crazy shirts people wear in San Francisco.

Bathroom Humor

Last night I was out to dinner with some friends, and was introduced to a bunch of new acquaintances. Inevitably, the question came up, “What do you do for a living?” Typically, I see my wife cringe with fear, hoping that the asker has fully prepared themselves for my answer, and maintains an open mind.

Neither my wife nor I are ever embarrassed by the fact that we market a bidet toilet seat. There’s no reason to be. But, certainly, there are the unexpected reactions, quizzical glances, and awkward silences that ensue. Let’s just say that when I explain Spaloo and what it does, I sometimes get mixed reactions.

I’ve gotten “ewww”, “I don’t need to use one of those”, “Interesting…” and so on. I thought I would take the time to comment on last night’s: ”That sounds funny.”

Why, oh why is a Spaloo funny?

It’s a serious product that helps lots of people- including disabled, the elderly, people with Arthritis, etc. It is also an eco-friendly product. I would hardly call that funny.

So, should I be offended at this initial reaction? If I were a serious guy, then maybe.

But, when you sell a product that you KNOW has a limited following in America, you open yourself up to that. I welcome the challenge. The woman’s reaction last night at dinner was exactly what I hope for (kind of). It proves that my job has all the more purpose. Not only am I selling a product that many people have never heard of, I’m selling a product that for some, crosses the line as far as what is socially acceptable. Talking about going the bathroom, for instance, is a big n0-no for many. But if I can educate just one person a day about the benefits of Spaloo, and the little known issue of how harmful and wasteful toilet paper is, well, then that’s a great day!

After I explain how I came to realize the importance of a bidet toilet seat, what it does, and why it is useful, most people come around…and are amazed. This only reinforces the lack of knowledge combined with societal predispositions. But, that’s ok. That’s what I’m here for, and why I love this job. If you ever want me to explain these things to you, your group, your parents, whatever- send me an email (bruce at spaloo dot com), or request one of our brochures.

Wanna know what’s really funny?

While I don’t think a Spaloo is necessarily “funny”, I can appreciate that others do. We’re all human, and enjoy a laugh now and then.

A quick search of the web returns results that I think are WAY funnier than a toilet bidet seat. Since I’m a good sport, I thought I would share some bathroom humor with you:

Yours in Health,

Developing Original Humor for Your Talk

Most humor in the business setting is unplanned. It just happens. Spontaneous events with clients and co-workers create the surprises and uncomfortable situations which call for humor as a coping tool.

We all have differing abilities to recognize, appreciate and create humor. How’s your HQ (humor quotient)? Do you work with people who are full of wit?

Regardless of where you are now, you can increase your humor skills. When you study humor, it’s obvious there’s more to it than just spontaneous laughs. There are times when you may want to deliberately use humor, maybe even plan it in advance.

Perhaps you want to spice up a training session or a planning meeting. Maybe you want to lighten up a sales presentation. You can learn ways to administer a dose of laughter to help you connect and communicate.

There are three elements which can help you understand and structure your humor: surprise, tension and relationships.
First, humor is based on the element of surprise. Humor often comes from something as simple as someone saying the unexpected. The surprise twist creates the humor.

Because of the element of surprise, when we are deliberately structuring a piece of humor (perhaps for a speech) we don’t want to telegraph the joke. A line like, “a funny thing happened to me on the way over here,” signals your listeners that a joke is coming. This will lessen the element of surprise.

To enhance the surprise, it’s best to place the punch line at the end of the joke. And within the punch line, the punch word is usually given last. The punch word is the word that makes the humor work. It’s the trigger that releases the surprise.

If your humor falls flat, do what professional humorists do. Pretend you are serious. Since the listeners didn’t realize you were making a joke, you never need to apologize or explain it. Turn your surprise into a secret.

It’s no surprise to people who work in pressure-packed work environments that humor is also based on this second principle: release of tension. Laughter is a pressure valve which releases muscle tension. Uncomfortable situations, fear and pain are all tension builders that cry out for humor. We find ourselves laughing at risqué humor and embarrassing situations because they make us uncomfortable. We release the tension they create with humor.

People who intentionally and frequently use humor know tension can be used deliberately to heighten the impact of the humor. A pause placed just before the punch line or the punch word builds a sense of anticipation, a form of tension, which makes the joke stronger.

In most jobs, daily challenges give you the opportunity to purposely use tension in setting up your humor. Simply by sharing a real life humorous situation, you can recreate the spontaneous circumstances which generated the laughter in the first place. Although there’s nothing like “being there,” you can improve on the actual event by embellishing to create a little more tension in the set up. You can structure the punch line for maximum effect by putting the punch word last. And you can pause to add impact.

As we plan our humor, we also notice that the third principle of humor is relationships. Most humor is based on how things are related and not related. We can create humorous twists when we play with relationships.

Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoons are well known for twisting relationships. One of his frequent tools is giving animals human characteristics. For example, the cartoon shows a car driving down the road. Driving the car is a bull. Sitting next to the bull is a cow. And in the back seat is a calf. They’re driving past a field with humans standing in the pasture. The picture, by itself, creates a funny picture by twisting the normally expected relationships. The calf sticks his head out of the car window and says “Yakity, Yakity, Yak!”

Understanding the principle of relationships, you are able to create your own, original humor. You can create “shopping lists” from which you search for humorous connections.

Let’s say you had an idea for building some humor. We’ll call this idea a seed from which the humor can grow. Perhaps, on a difficult shift at a hospital, someone made a comment that working in a hospital was like working in a war zone. This is the starting point for developing some humor.

You’ll begin by creating two “shopping lists.” On one list you’ll put “hospital things.” And on the other, you’ll list “military things.” It will work better if you choose “military” rather than “war zone” because it’s a broader category which will give you more options when looking for relationships.

Your first step is to brainstorm by making the lists as long a possible. The more items you have on each list, the more likely you’ll be able to make some humorous connections.

As you make your lists, you’ll look for opportunities to branch out and create sublists to multiply your chances of finding humor. For example, if the idea “basic training” comes to mind, your sublist should contain everything you can think of relating to basic training: drill sergeants, marching, inspections.

The next step is to search for connections between your two lists which might lead you to humor. Play with it. Then set it aside and come back to it later. Once you find something with humorous possibilities, you’ll massage it to maximize the humor impact.

To see what this exercise might produce:

“Why a Hospital is Like the Military.”

1. In the military, soldiers take orders from people with silver and gold on their shoulders. In a hospital, nurses take orders from people with silver and gold in their wallets.

2. When discharged from the hospital after a Lower GI Series, you get the GI bill.

3.,Nurses, like soldiers, see a lot of privates.

4.mWhen filling out a hospital shift report, you sometimes resort to the policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

5. Nurse training is like boot camp. Never before had you seen so many bald body parts.

6. In the military, a fatigue is what you wear. In nursing, it’s what wears on you.

7. Soldiers get combat pay. Nurses don’t…but should.

Whether you’re creating a list or a slogan to go on a poster, looking for a monologue to open a speech or training session, or just searching for one joke to make a point, you can use these lists to create your humor. It works.

These three principles of humor are illustrated by the classic slip on the banana peel. The slapstick spill illustrates surprise because we weren’t expecting someone to fall. We also experience tension. When we see someone get hurt we get startled, and react with tension. It also twists relationships. Seeing a distinguished person sitting on the sidewalk is something our of the ordinary. Surprise, tension, relationships…we laugh!

Natural, spontaneous humor is one of your greatest tools for coping with stress as you work. By understanding what makes the humor tick, you can become better at planning and deliberately using this powerful adjunct to your success arsenal.

Copyright 2005 by John Kinde. John Kinde is a humor specialist w ho has been in the training and speaking business for over 30 years specializing in teambuilding, customer service and stress management. Special reports available: Show Me The Funny — Tips for Adding Humor to Your Presentations and When They Don’t Laugh — What To Do When the Laughter Doesn’t Come. Humor Power Tips newsletter and articles are available at

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Writing Humor

A major part of the problem with writing humor is that humor is very subjective; what one reader sees as hilarious, another will view as stupid. Thus, no matter how good a humor writer you are, you always have the disadvantage that many readers will think your stuff is dumb. While this caveat applies to all writing, it is more pronounced with humor and satire.

A mistake I see in many short stories, and one that occasionally I’m prone to make, is a failure to tip off the reader early on that the story is humorous. The author has to let the reader know this at the beginning of the story. If the story starts off with a serious tone and then changes to a humorous one, the reader will get confused and many of them will get annoyed. Just as annoying is a story that starts off humorous and then bogs down with a serious plot problem. This happens frequently with movies. They start off hysterically funny and then degenerate into a more serious tone that has only a few smiles in the second half of the movie.

Character and plots

One of the ways I produce humor is through the characters and the plot. The humor is produced by characters who have a mental flaw, one that prevents them from reacting the way normal people would react in a crisis. The more bizarre the flaw, the more potential humor it can produce. If the reaction of a normal character would be to flee a situation, the comic character will stick around, curious about what will happen.

This flaw has to be deeply ingrained into the character’s psyche and be ready to go when the situation warrants. It can’t be something that occurs haphazardly.

In Chasing Dreams, a novella in Tales From Gundarland one of the major characters, Zarro, is a vigilant who is determined to free his town from perceived (by him) evil influences. His flaw is that he never asks the citizens if they wish to be freed from these influences and he is stunned at the end when the citizens threaten to riot if he doesn’t stop his vigilante activities.

In Falstaff’s Big Gamble, a Shakespearean spoof, one of the main characters, Hamlet, has such a flaw. Here is my version of Hamlet’s famous siloque:

Hamlet paused, gazed at the multitudinous stars, sighed and continued his pacing. A breeze brought the smells of the harbor: salt water and rotting fish guts. At last, he stopped, thrust one hand to the sky and declaimed, “To bee or not to bee?” He stroked his chin. “Whether ’tis nobler to buy honey from the peasant farmer in the market and thus provide him sustenance and income to support his brood of brats, possibly keeping him from rebelling over high taxes… or to grow my own honey thus gaining coins to assert my independence from my noble family and the sordid court? Hmm.”

He paced some more, still troubled by his vexing question. Nothing less than his future depended upon the answer. Because his uncle, and now stepfather, Clodio, had usurped his right to rule the kingdom, he needed a profession and an income.

Hamlet’s passion for bees continues and shapes and influences his character though out the novel.


Most of the classic humorous characters have an obsession. This obsession leads the character to react in ways that normal (un-obsessed) people would never consider attempting because it is dangerous or life-threatening. As an example of this type of obsession, consider the Pink Panther series of movies. Inspector Clouseau believes he is the greatest detective in the world. That is his obsession. This obsession and the radically different opinions of his supervisor is what makes the comedy work. As the world’s greatest detective, Clouseau can’t conceive that anything he does is wrong, no matter how bizarre. That is another source of humor.

Similarly, the trick that changes a bigot into a comedic character is that the character doesn’t see his obsession (bigotry) so he comes across as a buffoon rather than a bigot: Archie Bunker for instance

Inexperienced writers

Inexperienced writers often think that humor can replace one of the basic elements of a story: a protagonist and an antagonist contending over a plot problem. This is always a fatal mistake.

As an example of how inexperienced writers attempt to write humor, consider this story I critiqued recently. The scifi story had many characters, all of them under-developed with none of them assuming the role of protagonist. The antagonists were a vague group of Mars colonists and the so-called plot consisted of a series of loosely connected events with huge logical gaps in between the events ( like pulling a nuclear device of thin air and developing a tractor beam out of spare parts on the spur of the moment (by a florist)

The attempt at humor consisted of these disconnected rudiments combined with dialog filled with non-sequiturs and factitious comments. The obvious problem here is that the story contained none of the required elements such as protagonist, antagonist and a plot. The writer assumed no one would notice the omissions because of his jokes.


Humor doesn’t come from mocking a character’s disabilities or deformities. A reader will see this as cruelty, not humor or comedy. Humor comes from oddball behavior caused by bizarre inner characteristics in one or more of the story’s characters, not through their physical appearances.


Satire, while similar to humor, has different objectives. Humor is aimed at making the reader laugh. Satire is aimed at making the reader angry, although there may be a lot of laughs along the way. Satire can be very time dependent and may not age well if it is aimed at a current situation or personality. A work of satire that is pointed and skews a topical subject (such as a politician) will seem dated in a few years (or less) if the subject retires or dies. However, a universal subject will still be relevant for a long time. An example of this type of satire is Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. It is just as fresh and relevant today as it was when originally published fifty years ago. That’s because the object of its ridicule, the military bureaucracy, hasn’t changed. The Pentagon is just as stuffy and self-important as it was in World War II. Another satiric novel with long legs is The Vertical Smile by Richard Condon. This is perhaps the funniest book I’ve ever read and a devastating satire of modern society and religion and much more.

Omniscient point of view

This viewpoint is used frequently in humor to get snide remarks and witty observations into the story, but it isn’t used during the entire story. Rather, the omniscient POV sections are interspersed throughout the work to emphasize the humor. Frequently, these interruptions are used by the author to make cutting remarks on the characters, life, politicians or what else is relevant and skew-able in the story.

An interesting aside is the fact that in humor or comedy writing, these interruptions are allowed, even encouraged. In all other types of fiction, the interruptions are considered bad writing because it stops the story from moving forward. These interruptions are also permitted in musical plays. There, the story stops while the characters sing and dance their hearts out. After they finish the number, the story resumes.

TV and movie humor

Another drastic mistake an author can make is to imitate the TV sit-coms, unless the author is writing a script for one of them. Some of the humor in these shows comes from the talent of the actors. More is generated by shouting or by using visual gags. Shouting or yelling is not humorous by itself and becomes tedious quickly.

TV uses canned laughter to let the viewers know they are supposed to laugh. Thus, the non-humorous shouting and yelling is accompanied by canned laughter to make sure the viewer realizes a joke just occurred. Without the laugh track, the viewers wouldn’t notice the so-called joke.

Visual gags and actor mugging are difficult to translate into written humor. If you are serious about writing humor, I advise you to avoid watching TV sit-coms.

A different attempt by movie and TV to add humor is to have a character use insults or foul language at every opportunity. This has a certain shock value initially, but it quickly grows stale and, after a short time, becomes irritating rather than humorous.


If you’re serious about writing humor and satire, an author has to work to perfect the writing skills involved. This includes writing (and re-writing) his stories and reading humorous novels. The two mentioned above, Catch-22 and The Vertical Smile are highly recommended for this purpose.

Further Reading

Story: by Robert McKee: pp. 361-362, 381-382

Characters & Viewpoint: Orson Scott Card: pp. 99-104

Conflict, Action & Suspense: William Noble: pp. 146-147

The Comic Toolboxs: John Vorhaus

Hank Quense writes humorous and satiric fantasy and scifi stories.

Some of this material was taken from his Build a Better Story. The book describes a process that eases the work involved in developing a story. This reduces the time spent in reworking flawed and imperfect drafts. Following the process allows more time to be spent on the creative activities and shortens the time spent on less creative work.

Besides the process, Build a Better Story takes a unique approach to character building and plotting. It identifies problem areas that inexperienced writers struggle with and explains how to address those problems including character motivation and scene design.

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How to Add Humor to Your Speech

Humor is a powerful tool. When humor is used in public speaking it can aid the speaker in transferring his/her message in a memorable and powerful way. Humor benefits public speaking in the following ways:

It makes the subject more interesting.
It aids in memory retention.
It relieves stress in the speaker and audience.

This article is not for the purpose of expounding on the previous points, but I wanted to include them so that you would know how beneficial humor is to you as a public speaker.

The question at hand is “How can I learn to add humor to my public speaking?”. It should be said that every public speaker has the ability to develop the use of humor. No one, and I mean no one, lacks the ability to be humorous. If you can be made to laugh, then you can make other people laugh. You just need to find out what makes you laugh and then develop the ability to use that same humor on others. Here are some suggestions.

Study other public speakers who use humor successfully. How do they use humor? When do they use humor? What type of humor do they use? All of these questions will help you to begin to understand how to add humor to your own presentations.
Use the type of humor you enjoy. There are many types of humor. Some of the most successful kinds are spontaneous and extemporaneous humor. Study these kinds. They are often the most successful because they are the most like life. When funny things happen, they usually happen without warning. Spontaneous humor comes seemingly from nowhere and catches the audience off guard. This is why is us so powerful. However, if you are the kind of person who can tell a knock-knock joke with success, then go for it!
Add humor into your speech that augments your message. Humor should not be used just for the sake of humor alone. Adding humor that is unrelated to your message will distract your audience and detract from your overall effectiveness. If delivering a message is your goal, your humor should aid you in that goal, and not hinder you.
Add humor that is from life. Resist the urge to tell old, tired out jokes. Look for humor in your everyday life and record those illustrations for use at a later date. Using humor from your personal life will help you to seem more genuine and your audience will feel like they know you.
Always avoid, crass, crude and inappropriate humor. Humor full of sexual innuendo, racial overtones, and hurtful language should be avoided by all professional public speakers. You are better than that. Leave those type of jokes for late night television.

Every public speaker should include a little humor in their presentation. The more you do so, the more comfortable you will become. Don’t be afraid of “laying and egg”. It happens to all of us! Just go out there and enjoy yourself. The chances are your audience will enjoy themselves as well. Good luck!

Mark Foster has been a Pastor and Public speaker for over ten years. He uses humor extensively in both his preaching and public speaking. If you would like more information on this subject visit his website [] or listen to his podcast “The Augmented Speaker Podcast” on iTunes or by going to []

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How to Sharpen Your Sense of Humor

Bill Cosby once said, “Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers.” Humor is the saving grace that allows people to cope with life. It can be used to poke fun at a situation or lighten up a conversation. The benefits of having a sharp sense humor from a personal/health standpoint are obvious. After all – laughter is the best medicine; however, it can also be beneficial in the workplace.

According to the “The Humor Project,” over 98% of the 737 CEOs interviewed stated they would much rather hire someone with a sense of humor over someone who didn’t have one. Therefore, spending a little energy to hone that sense may not only be beneficial personally, but also professionally. Here are a few tips to help you sharpen your sense of humor.

1) Watch and Read the Masters
Jack Benny, George Burns, and Groucho Marx are just a few of the masters of humor and wit. Their timing was impeccable and their humor is timeless. Watching these humorists can aid you in developing your own sense of humor. Additionally, read the works of Twain, Wilde, Thurber and other similar humorist. Research witty sayings from people like Winston Churchill. Time spent doing so will not only bring a smile to your face, but also acts as training course in humor. If you find something that “tickles your funny bone,” see Step 2.

2) Start a Humor Log
The vast majority of comedians write out their material, and most keep notes on what works and what does not. Therefore, if you want to “seriously” sharpen your sense of humor, start keeping a journal or notes on what you think is funny or witty.

You can pull quotes and sayings from a variety of resources – from books or off of the internet. Like comedians, categorize them in a way that makes sense to you and then, periodically, go over your notes, so that you are always prepared. For example, you may have a category about that often discussed (but rarely applied) term of teamwork. When your boss starts chatting away regarding the need for everyone to stop thinking about themselves and start working together as a team, a humorous quip to toss into the conversation might be, “Well, it’s true there are no “I’s” in teamwork, but there are two of them in martini.” (I assume your boss has a sense of humor. If not, have him/her read this article.)

Maybe, you could have a category for that fun topic which always seems to pop up at weird times, like during year end holiday parties or birthdays – death. Should you be discussing death with your friends or local undertaker, you might lighten up the mood with, “Well, as Woody Allen once said, “I’m not afraid of death: I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” Not only is that snappy, but it also makes you appear to be witty and “well-read.” Bravo!

3) Say Less and Observe More
While saying less seems odd when writing about being humorous, actually it is very fitting. Humor and wit are based on observation – observing a situation or your own or other people’s behavior – and then making a comment.

In comedy, timing is everything. Making what you think is a humorous comment at the wrong time can give one the appearance of being insensitive or crass. Prior to making a comment, observe the situation and those around you and determine if your humorous quip will lighten the pain or add to it. This should take seconds for any intelligent person to ascertain. The best advice came from Johnny Carson, which was, “If you have to think about it – don’t say it.”

4) Aim for Home
The easiest target for your humor should be yourself. Many people feel that in order to be humorous, it’s more fun to insult others. In his book “How to be Funny,” Steve Allen wrote, “If you feel that the comedy of insult is your most natural style, good luck to you. And you’ll need it.” Few can pull off insulting others while not appearing to be unintelligent or uncaring. True, people point to Groucho Marx as an insult king; however, as Allen points out, “Because his image was almost that of a comic-strip character, most of his acerbic remarks did not give offence.”

I assume that your image is not that of a comic-strip; therefore, tread lightly when using your humor to make fun of others. If you research some of the masters mentioned above, you will see that much of their humor was pointed at themselves. Making light of one’s self or one’s situation is the perfect way to add humor to a conversation.

5) Hang with Funny People
If you wanted to be a better tennis player, you would link up with good tennis players. If you want to sharpen your sense of humor, hang with funny people. If you’ve followed Steps 1 and 2, then you will be welcomed to the conversation of most people who have a heightened sense of humor. (You might even be welcomed to the groups of people who lack a sense of humor – but why would you want to hang with those people?)

Watch funny movies. Go to comedy shows of present day comedians who “work clean” like Ellen DeGeneres, Rita Rudner, and Louie Anderson. (I emphasize “work clean,” because true humor and wit doesn’t involve dirty language or the use of “bathroom humor.” Most present day comedians can’t go 5 minutes without using a four-letter word or talking about sex or bodily functions.) Other funny people can aid you in sharpening your sense of humor. And now for the last tip… drum roll please…

If you follow the above suggestions, the last tip will be easier, which is that much like doing stand-up comedy – you have to get out there and just do it! As a funny motivational speaker and funny keynote speaker, I have to have a fairly sharp sense of humor and I know these 5 tips will help you sharpen your sense of humor.

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What’s So Funny About Workplace Safety? How Humor Can Help Create a Safer Work Environment

A recent study found that there is a positive correlation between employee happiness and workplace safety: the happier the employees were, the safer the work environment tended to be.

Of course, this could also be a chicken and egg relationship: maybe people are happier when they feel safe? I know I’d be happier if I didn’t have to worry about my own safety every day!

But this relationship does make sense to me. When employees are more engaged, more inspired, or just plain happier, chances are they are less stressed out, more communicative, more creative and more alert. People who actually want to be at work on a Monday morning are going to, I think, be more aware of their environment and more conscientious about their working environment and the well-being of their coworkers.

But beyond the general “feel good”, morale-boosting humor factor, I believe there are several ways humor in the workplace can create a safer work environment:

Humor is an effective stress buster

Stress is totally in the eye of the beholder – it’s not the events themselves that create stress, it is totally our interpretation of the events that causes us stress. And since humor is an effective way of changing how we look at things, tapping into our sense of humor can reframe day-to-day challenges and help us see problems in a more grounded, realistic light. Humor, in other words, helps us keep mole hills as mole hills long before they threaten to erupt into mountains.

We also need to remind ourselves that when a stressful situation happens, we have 100% control over how we react to that situation. Humor helps us gain a sense of control over our emotions by allowing us to choose a more positive reaction.

So what does all this have to do with safety? A lot, I’d suggest.

Stressed out people don’t think clearly, tend to make more mistakes, and often do things in a hurry-all of which can lead to more accidents in the workplace.

Simply put: stress can blind us to the hazards around us; whereas humor can enlighten us by helping us keep cool, calm and collected.

Humor can help you deliver your safety messages more effectively

To communicate effectively, you need to stand out from the herd to be heard. Humor is an effective tool that can help your messages stand out from all the noise, keep people awake, and help people remember the safety messages for a long time. (There is, after all, a reason that 70% of all award-winning ads incorporate humor in them.)

Humor is a reframing tool, so it can be used to help people see your safety messages in new ways. And because smart humor appeals to both logic and emotion, humor is incredibly effective at doing what any good communication strategy needs to do – connect the brain to the heart.

Some people worry that humor might trivialize a serious message, but with a little creative thought, this needn’t be a concern. Any safety message, no matter how serious, can benefit from a little levity thrown into the mix.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if you are serious about safety in your workplace, then you better think about getting serious about your use of humor!

Humor can make your (sometimes) dreadfully boring safety meetings come to life

I’ve been there-I drew the shortest straw, and thus had to represent my department at the mandated monthly safety meetings. In other words, I, like most of the other folks at the table, HAD to be there.

But wouldn’t it be better if people WANTED to be at your safety meetings? If they WANTED to be fully present? If they WANTED to participate and share their ideas?

Meetings don’t have to suck the soul out of everybody attending them to be effective. You really can make meetings more productive and have more fun at the same time.

Adding some humor to the meeting agenda, having a fun ritual to kick off or end the meeting, including door prizes in the meeting, opening up your safety meeting with a funny safety-related quote or showing humorous safety videos, are all simple but effective ways of bringing a little fun and energy into any safety meeting

HA + HA = AHA! Humor sparks creative thinking

There is, in fact, a huge correlation between humor and creativity. Humor in the workplace reduces stress, promotes lateral thinking and again, helps us see things in a different way. Both humor and creativity are about looking at your challenges and seeing them in a fresh, new way.

So if you need to get creative about solving some of your safety issues, creative in terms of how you secure more money out of the old budget, or you need to get more creative with your safety messages, then, once again, a little humor goes a long way.

Humor in the workplace builds trust and fosters more open, closer working relationships

This has been born out in study after study – teams that laugh together, work well together.

If you are part of a team where there is a high level of trust, and positive, supportive communication with each other, then it is that much easier to offer feedback and call each other out when someone is doing something in an unsafe manner.

Humor can help us disagree with each other, without being disagreeable, so no matter how touchy a safety issue is, humor helps build the kind of working relationship between co-workers where it’s easy to be open and honest with one another.

Michael Kerr, President of Humor at Work is an international, Hall of Fame speaker and the author of six books including “Putting Humor to Work,” 340 Ways to Put Humor to Work” and “Inspiring Workplaces.” For free resources and more information go to or

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